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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 19, 2023 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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i'm christina macfarlane in for max and bianca. just ahead -- >> he is the target of the january 6 says investigation th could be indicted. >> they want to put you in jail the rest of your life. they were there proud, they were there with love in their heart. that was an unbelievable and a beautiful day. >> so what to they do now? weaponize government to go after their number one phone. >> i don't want to see him, i hope he doesn't get charged. i don't think that it will be good for the country. >> he was able to break free from his minders there and he went back to the dmz. >> we believe the soldier is currently in dprk custody and are working with our north korean counterparts to resolve this incident. live from london, this is "cnn newsroom" with max foster and bianca nobilo.
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>> it is wednesday, july 19, 9:00 a.m. in london, 4:00 a.m. in washington where donald trump's legal troubles are piling up. the former u.s. president says he's been informed by the special counsel that he is a target of the criminal investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 election. it is a sign that trump could soon see a third indictment. and that does not include the fulton county probe into attempts to overturn his 2020 election defeat in georgia. here is how trump responded to the news at a town hall tuesday nice. >> i got the letter on sunday night, think of it. i don't think that they have ever sent a letter on sunday night. and they are in a rush because it is interference with the election. it is election interference. never been done like this in the history of our country and it is a disgrace. what is happening to our country, whether it is the borders or elections or kinds of things like this where the doj
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has become a weapon for the democrats. an absolute weapon. and it seems that every time my polls -- you know, we're leading by a lot and we're leading by a lot in a place called iowa. a lot. and not only the republicans but leading against biden by a tremendous amount. haven't seen anything like it. and i guess they want to way to to demean diminish and fritden pe frighten people. but we'll make america great again. >> it is possible if trump is indicted, his legal time may try to delay the trial past next year's election, a tactic his lawyers are using in florida in the classified documents case. prosecutors want a speedy trial beginning in december, but trump's attorney wants it to be after the election. paula reid is outside the courthouse. >> reporter: all eyes were on the judge to see just how receptive she was going to be to
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the trump team strategy of trying to delay any possible trial until after the 2024 election. i was in court for about two hours for this hearing. and it was clear that judge cannon was amenable to the strategy. she thought that the special counsel's suggestion that they do this case, put it on trial in december, and that that was a compressed time line. she said look, cases like this take more time. >> the special counsel's office has interviewed dozens of witnesses in both the classified documents and the january 6 cases. it is clear that jack smith is not just focused on those around trump but likely zeroing in on the former president himself. more now from katelyn polantz in washington. >> reporter: former president trump received a clear sign from justice department prosecutors that he is very likely to be indicted in the january 6, 2020 election investigation, a criminal investigation that has been led out of washington, d.c. by the office of special counsel
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jack smith. and trump believes that he may be indicted here, that he may be arrested because he was told on sunday in a letter to his lawyers from the justice department from smith's prosecutors that he is the target of this investigation. we don't at this time know of anyone else who has been identified as a target or at least told by prosecutors that they are likely to be charged. but this is the sort of signal that the justice department gives at the end of an investigation. and this has been a sprawling probe from the justice department, from the special counsel. it is separate from the documents case that donald trump has already been charged in in florida. and this is an investigation that has looked at knowledge that donald trump had, that he lost the election, it has looked at what was said inside the white house on crucial dates after the 2020 election in a late night meeting on december 18 where supporters of his were throwing out out land addition ideas that he could use his
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powers of the presidency to overturn the election.addition ideas that he could use his powers of the presidency to overturn the election. if also looked at system of mike pence who was pressured to block the election results. it has also looked at threats, intimidation and outreach including from trump himself in battleground states, seven different battleground states. and there have been officials that cnn has confirmed in each of the seven battleground states that donald trump lost in which he tried to overturn the election. they have spoken to investigators, that is georgia, pennsylvania, new mexico, wisconsin, arizona, never ada. and so charges are very likely in the coming days or weeks. donald trump is very likely to be charged. we don't know if others are. we haven't found other target letters out there that others have confirmed receiving. but this is an investigation that while the justice department is not commenting publicly, their target letter to
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donald trump on sunday speaks volumes about the work of their grand jury which still is expected to meet as soon again as thursday. katelyn polantz, cnn, washington. and the special counsel's office has reached out to officials in all seven battleground states trump targeted in his efforts to overturn the election. the most recent being former arizona governor republican doug ducey. trump publly attack ed ducey over the state's results. and they have chged 16 people for allegerticipation in a fake electors plot. thgrp includes current and former state republican official, republican national committee member, a sitting mayor, and trump supporters who filed a frivolous lawsuit in an attempt to overturn the election results. >> this plan to reject the will of the voters and undermine democracy was fraudulent and legally baseless.
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the false electors actions undermine the public's faith in the integrity of our elections and not only violated the spirit of the laws defending our democracy, but we believe also plainly violated the laws by which we administer our elections in michigan and peaceably transfer power in america. >> jessica schneider reports on the significance of these charges. >> reporter: this is the first time these alleged fake electors have been charged criminally by a state prosecutor. the attorney general here in michigan charging 16 people with eight different counts including conspiracy to commit election law forgery. now, this all stems from december 14th, 2020 when those fake electors tried to force their way into the state capital here in lansing with fake certificates, falsely proclaiming that donald trump had won the election and that they as republicans were the el.
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the investigation has been ongoing since january and she's now charging those 16 individuals who will be affected to turn themselves in. now, this is all happening while investigio into fake electors' plots are ongoing in the six other states where the fake electors' plots have been. and at the same time jack smith has been investigating the efforts to overturn the 2020 election. some of these fake electors have even testified to the grand jury. so there is potentially a lot more charges to come in other states. but for now the michigan attorney general being the first to charge these so-called fake electors with serious crimes that could amount to decades in prison if convicted. jessicaschneider, cnn. a u.s. soldier is believed to be in north korean custody
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after entering the demilitarized zone and, quote, willfully running across the border. he was supposed to be sent bac to the u.s. but instead made his way to the d joint security area and dashed ov the military demarcation line. a u.s. admiral says so far no contact with north koreans over the fate of this soldier. kristie lu stout is covering this story for us. good to see you. this it continuing to be a diplomatic headache for the united states and extremely dangerous situation for the soldier. what more are you learning? >> reporter: army private travis king is the u.s. soldier who broke away from a tour group and crossed over willfully and without authorization. the u.n. command says that it is working with the north korean military to resolve the incident and on top of everything else earlier today north korea fired two ballistic missiles.
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so tension is high. now, king was not in uniform when he crossed into north korea. he spent some 50 days in a detention facility in zoning for assault involving at least one south korean national. king was facing disciplinary action by the u.s. military, he was set to be separated from the u.s. army. he was supposed to be going back to u.s. but because escorts couldn't go through customs with them, he was able to leave the airport and he crossed into north korea during a tour. let's bring up footage of what the area looks like. the jsa is located inside the dmz, that is the highly fortified border separating the two koreas. the tour is organized by u.n. command. it is open to the public. and while there are check points to get to the jsa, once you are there, the actual border between north and south is only this
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small raised line on the ground. you may remember this, former u.s. president trump when he met with kim jung-un at the jsa in june of 2019, there they are standing right next to that very line. so during a jsa tour, participants are usually kept about 20 yards away from that line. this border crossing incident comes at a time of high tension. this year north korea has already fired around a dozen missiles including long range icbms. and earlier this morning north korea fired two short range ballistic missiles into the waters offer its eastern coast that happened just hours after u.s. ballistic missile submarine docked in south korea for the first time in decades. and now north korea has an american soldier in its custody. this is a very sensitive time. his fate is uncertain. back to you. >> an extremely precarious time for this to be happening.
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kristie lu stout, thanks. now, there is no end in sight for the heatwave that is baking the southwestern u.s. tens of millions of americans are under heat alerts again today as the per cure have i ex -- per curvy expected to soar into the triple digits. scientists are declaring a level two alert for coral reefs in the region. let's get a look at the forecast with chad myers. >> we have story after story of where it is hot and where it is not. the heat dome across the western u.s., the atlantic, very hot across parts of europe, and then again cooler here, but hot again across all of asia. it is called tele connections. this is a ridge, a trough, a ridge, a trough, a ridge, a trough. that is just how it goes around the globe.
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and now, typically, they will move a little bit either to the east or the west, normally to the east, so you will begin to get a couple warm days and then it will cool off, but that has not been the case this year. where it has been hot, it has stayed hot for weeks really. from phoenix into parts of texas, temperatures have been above 100 every single day for about a month or so. so 100 possible records here across the southwest united states. again, temperatures above 110 degrees for phoenix. 110 or higher. so 43 degrees celsius or higher for 19 consecutive days. and that is not typical. you should be able to cool down a little bit in the evenings and that is not the case. phoenix, you won't be lower than 110 for your afternoon high another five days of 117s and 118s farenheit. something else that is moving a little long, we talk about the
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ridge and trough, it has moved a little bit to the east where we're seeing the heat index now across parts of texas and the deep south part of the united states well over 100. but you have to add in the heat and humidity to kind of get that feel. the heat in the desert southwest because it is a desert isn't a heat index,s it is it is just t, the temperature. and that is in the shade. in the eastern half of the united states, a little bit of a cooldown for the end of the week but next week the heat is back on right through all of friday and saturday of next week, could be the hottest days. and we've been saying that now for a while. but more heat is on, more oppressive heat in the desert southwest. and even in to the midwest. >> our thanks to chad. and we'll have much more on the extreme weather including a look at flooding in china and wildfires across southern europe. plus our teams in odesa got a firsthand look at how ukrainian air defenses are
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cnn teams on the ground in odesa captured had video of ukrainian air defenses destroying russian missiles. for the second night in a row russian forces launched cruise missiles. wednesday's attack was the largest the city has seen since the start of the war. and we're also hearing reports that eu lawmakers are calling on the international criminal court to consider an arrest warrant for the president of belarus for his role in the country's war.
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clare sebastian is joining me here now. let's start with odessa because the mayor is calling this one of the most horrible nights. >> yeah, he said he hasn't seen anything bigger since the start of the war in almost a year and a half. and we're now hearing in a later day from the air force that there were 31 crews missiles and they shot down 14, so not even half of them. 32 attack drones in which they shot down 23 of them. but still some got through. we're hearing of injuries on the ground, most are from the fragments falling, damage on the ground from pieces of missile craters, blast waves. it is a serious threat of these missiles being shot down in the skies. they are saying several that did get through hit a grain and oil terminal at odesa port, a fire broke out there and that is still being put out. so kremlin of course did say that it is considering further proposals to respond to the
1:22 am
attack on the kerch bridge. i think that we can view that in the context and another way to express its disdain of the grain deal which it pulled out of on monday. and we're hearing about a separate incident in crimea, a fire at a military training ground. they have evacuated some 2,000 people from villages nearby, closed a section of highway. no suggestion as of yet as to the cause of that. >> and this is in addition to some attacks in kyiv overnight as well. what more are we learning about reports from lawmakers who are proposing an arrest warrant for alexander lukashenko? >> yes, a report where they basically roundly condemn what they cause the unabated suppression and human rights violations. one proposal is to call on the icd to essentially issue a similar arrest warrant to what they issued in march for
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vladimir putin and his children's rights commissioner over a scheme to illegally deport ukrainian children into russia. so they are suggesting some complicity of luke ashenko regi. very don't have any reaction yet from the icc, but it does speak to a seriously deteriorating situation this belarus when it comes to political prisoners, repression, all kinds of candidate things. and of course really concerned about the proximity of this regime to moscow. i think a sign of the times that we're getting a report today from the belarusian opposition leader that another belarusian journalist has been detained earlier this week. so we're looking for more clarity on that. >> clare, thanks very much. now soaring temperatures across southern europe have prompted an eu red alert.
1:24 am
it covers most of italy, southern spain, croatia, bosnia, and montenegro. rome set a new record high at 41.8 degree celsius on tuesday. and wildfires have spread across greece and switzerland. one of the largest is north of athens. 250 firefighters are on the scene. and in india, floodwaters have reached the outer walls of the taj mahal. local media report the monument itself is not at risk. and china's southern provinces are being battered by a typhoon, the storm is expected to weaken after making a second landfall tuesday. tens of thousands have evacuated to higher ground amid rescue operations. anna coren is live in hong kong, but first let's bring in barbie nadeau who is in rome. and we know that this is happening all during peak tourist season, we're hearing of an increase in hospitalizations.
1:25 am
how are the authorities handling this and of course these wildfires that we're hearing spreading not just in italy but across europe as well. >> reporter: that's right. those wildfires are really something that authorities are very concerned about right now. those fires burning outside of athens and conditions in which the firefighters have to work, now, the european union has dispatched a number of assets including canada, planes to fight the fires. but every country in this heatwave is worried about their own situations with fires. in terms of the temperature, we broke a record in rome, but the record was only a year old, so this is a continuation of a problem that will not go away anytime soon. now, we are at 10:00 in the morning and there are tourists here at the spanish steps, and authorities say don't stay in the sun during hot times of the day from about noon to 6:00
1:26 am
panhandle. we've seen a 20% increase in emergency calls for heat-related problems. and it is not just as if it is just one day of hot weather. we're in the second week of it. and even if it cools down, it will get down to 35. 35 is still very hot. and tourists want to spend every minute that they can in rome, it is an open air museum like many other cities. so they are not taking the advice of the authorities at all. >> their one holiday a year, they will probably take it regardless of the temperatures. barbie, thank you. let's turn to anna coren in hong kong. these high temperatures soaring across china as well underscoring the urgency of the talks currently going on between china and john kerry, both seeking a middle ground on climate-related issues. do we know of any progress? >> reporter: from what we understand, john kerry has made some real inroads on this trip
1:27 am
that will wrap up later today. he said that the mood is very positive and while talks have been complex, they have also been very constructive. in meeting with choina's vice president, kerry said takes universal threat that should be treated as a free standing challenge requiring efforts of the u.s. and china, two largest economies, two, largest pl polluters to help resolve. and there will be a joint statement later today to send a positive signal to the world and he praised kerry for the close communication and dialogue that he has maintained with china even during these months and years of strained relations. as we know, kerry is not your average u.s. dip lee matt. he was a presidential democratic nominee, u.s. secretary of state under president obama, he is well likedlee matt. he was a presidential democratic nominee, u.s. secretary of state under president obama, he is well liked and respected by the chinese, referring to him as an
1:28 am
old friend. kerry this morning, he spoke and he said if we can come together over these next months leading up to cop 28, which is that ub de u.n. climate summit, we'll have an opportunity to be able to make profound difference on this issue. the paris reference is the agreement signed in 2015 to keep global warning to 2 degrees. that was later revised to 1.5. and on this trip, you know, kerry has been calling on china to curb expansion of coal plants and reduce its use of methane. china has always resisted the calls saying that it needs to use fossil fuels to support its economic development. so we'll hear from john kerry probably sometime next hour. he will hold a press conference before the media before flying back to washington.
1:29 am
>> and we'll keep a close eye out for that. anna coren, thank you. and now more than 900 wildfires are burning across canada where authorities say almost 600 are out of control. the smoke is impacting air quality in a number of u.s. states including new york, new jersey and pennsylvania. authorities are urging people to avoid strenuous outdoor activities, take regular breaks, and keep asthma medicine handy. still ahead, jake tapper's exclusive interview with ron desantis. the white house hopeful reacts to the justice department's investigation of donald trump. meanwhile trump is strategy x g with allies in washington.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm christina macfarlane. let me bring you up-to-date with our top stories. a u.s.soldier is believed to be in north korean custody after he willfully crossed the border. donald trump says he is now the target of the special counsel's criminal investigation into efforts to overturn the
1:34 am
2020 election, a sign jack smith is now zeroing in on trump. if charged it would be the third indictment for the former president. and michigan's attorney general has charged 16 people in the state's 2020 fake elector scheme. these are the first criminal charges for current and former officials who tried to overturn the election for donald trump. tom foreman breaks down the multiple efforts by donald trump and his supporters to overturn the 2020 election. >> reporter: up in michigan state officials have now charged 16 people as false electors posing as if they were the official electors from that state in the election. that fits in very well with the litany of accusations, suspicions that the special counsel has been aeen scrutiniz. creche pressure calls in at least seven different states saying that they should overturn it in
1:35 am
trump's favor. and there are 62 court filings around the country and they lost all but one, they lost virtually everything. but when the supreme court turned it down, trump went online saying that they let us down, no wwisdom, no courage. and there is scrutiny of an oval office discussion from december of 2020 when there was allegedly talk of seizing voting machines, declaring martial law, anything rather than accept the fact that trump actually lost the election. there was all that pressure on then vice president mike pence to block the certification legally that he could not do. and of course we all saw what happened on january 6 when then president donald trump rallied supporters, told him to go to the capital and said that you need to fight like hell to defend your election, what he called his victory in all of this. all of that we saw, all of that testifying to the fact that there was a concerted effort by
1:36 am
team trump in many places to try to overturn this legal fair election that he lost. and yet trump's response to all of this in the latest news is i have a right to protest an election that i'm fully convinced was rigged and stolen. only question for many legal analysts here, when did he go and did he go beyond merely protesting into something much more serious. donald trump leads the field of republican presidential candidates by far. and the man in second place in the polls is coming to trump's defense over the justice department investigation. here is part of jake tapper's exclusive interview with florida governor ron desantis. >> so i have to ask about the breaking news today, your chief competitor, the front runner right now, donald trump says that he was informed that he is the target of special counsel jack smith's investigation into efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. and mr. trump has until thursday
1:37 am
to report to the grand jury. if jack smith has evidence of criminality, should donald trump be held accountable? >> so here is the problem. this country is going down the road of criminalizing political differences. and i think that is wrong. alvin bragg stretched the statute in manhattan to be able to try to target donald trump. most people even people on the left acknowledge that that wasn't trump, that case would not have likely been brought against a normal civilian. and so you have a situation where the department of justice, fbi, have been weaponized against people they don't like. and the number one example of that happened to be against donald trump with the russia collusion. that was not a legitimate investigation. that was being done to try to drive trump out of office. and so what i've said, as president, my job is to restore a single standard of justice to end weaponization of the agencies. we'll have a new fbi director on day one, we'll have big changes
1:38 am
at the department of justice. americans across the political spectrum need to have confidence that what is going on is based on the rule of law, not based on what political tribe you are in. and then the second thing i'd say is this country needs to have a debate about the country's future. if i'm the nominee, we'll be able to focus on president biden's failures and i'll be able to articulate a positive vision for the future. i don't think that it serves us good to have a presidential election focused on what happened four years ago in january. and so i want to focus on looking forward. i don't want to look back. i do not want to see him. i hope he doesn't get charged. i don't think that it will be good for the country. but at the same time, i've got to focus on looking forward and that's what we'll do. >> meanwhile trump is asking top republican allies on capitol hill to rush to his defense with criminal charges potentially looming in the election probe. house speaker kevin mccarthy who initially criticized trump's role in the january 6 insurrection has now drastically changed his tune.
1:39 am
>> the president bears responsible for wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters. president biden went up in the polls and was surprising president biden for re-election, so what do they do now. weaponize government, go after their number one opponent. >> and he is not the only republican using the power and platform in an effort to shield the former president without even knowing the details of the criminal investigation. manu raju picks up the story. >> reporter: even before republicans saw any of the evidence or allegations detailed of any possible indictment that donald trump could face in the january 6 investigation, many of them rushed to his defense including the speaker of the house kevin mccarthy who attacked the justice department e over the possibility that donald trump could be indicted and he is in fact a target of jack smith's probe. now, others with a much more muted response including mitch mcconnell who refused to comment on the news of the trump target
1:40 am
and something that has been similar in indictments past, past two trump indictments, mcconnell said very little. kevin mccarthy rushed to trump's defense underscoring the division within the republican party and the republican leadership about how exactly to deal with trump, whether he is the best candidate for the party in 2024 and whether to go after the justice department, something that house republicans in particular plan do in the aftermath of this news involving donald trump. now, i caught up earlier with the number two senate republican and i asked him about the impact that this could have on trump's 2024 candidacy. and he raised concerns about nominating someone with so much legal baggage. >> there will be a lot of analysis of that that goes on for many, many years in to the future. that was a bad day in american history. and we should do everything we can to avoid it happening again. >> does it worry you about nominating someone with this many legal problems?
1:41 am
>> i think it is part of the distractions that are always going to be surrounding the former president. and people have to make their own judgment. >> reporter: but not everyone feels the same way. senator tim scott in the 2024 race and others indicating that they plan to fight the special counsel. republicans on the house side offering a bill to essentially defund jack smith's investigation into trump. that has no chance of passing, but republicans do hold the power of the purse. they have to pass funding legislation in the house and senate. some of them urging for them to pair back spending for the department of justice in the aftermath of news of this investigation and of the past trump indictment. now, how that will fair remains to be soon. kevin mccarthy has not yet indicated a plan to take action against the special counsel, but one person he did speak with in the news of all of these legal
1:42 am
problems with donald trump was trump himself, speaker and trump connected and tried to urge his colleagues to rush to his side, rush to his defense. something we've seen republican after republican do in the house even as many in the senate are skeptical. manu raju, cnn, capitol hill. for the fourth time if just over a month, a bus carrying migrants from texas has arrived in los angeles.n just over a month, a bus carrying migrants from texas has arrived in los angeles.just over a month, a bus carrying migrants from texas has arrived in los angeles. ust over a month, a bus carrying migrants from texas has arrived in los angeles.just over a month, a bus carrying migrants from texas has arrived in los angeles. at the believe it was funded by the state of texas. they believe it is in protest of the biden administration broader policies. still ahead, new developments in the unsolved murder of due packck sha dtupac shakur nearly 30 yeaears since was shot.
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u.s. consumers continue to spend, spend, spend despite higher interest rates, continuing inflation and general uncertainty about the economy. u.s. retail sales were up in june for the third consecutive month. but they did carry a warning sign. the june increase was less than in previous months. economists say people are running down their savings they have built up during the covid pandemic and job growth is slowing. and with student loan payments coming due again, they say it wouldn't be surprising if consumer spending continues to moderate. and stronger than expected second quarter earnings are pushing u.s. stock markets higher. this is a look at futures right now for the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500. u.s. markets open in a little less than five hours. and they are coming off another very strong tuesday on wall street. the dow surged 366 points or more than 1% while the nasdaq and s&p both rose about three quarters of 1%. earnings from netflix, tesla and
1:47 am
united airlines are due out on wednesday. new figures from the uk showing a sharp slowdown in inflation. the rate fell to 7.9% in june, lower than expected and down from 8.7% earlier -- a nts no e -- month earlier. and that could take some of the pressure off the bank of england when it comes to raising interest rates. here is a look at the markets in europe. all four indices are up in the green. kenyan opposition leaders have called for three days of anti-government protests beginning today. schools in nairobi and two other major cities will be closed amid fears the protests could turn violent. demonstrators are protesting a slew of unpopular tax hikes the government claims will generate revenue. larry madowo is live for us. tell us what you are seeing and the message the protestors are
1:48 am
wanting to send. >> reporter: and this is one of the places in nairobi where the opposition leaders have promised to hold some of these gatherings. we've seen a lot of security presence here. what you see back here is some of the officers trying to hold back some of the protestors. and some of the young people have been actively trying to provoke them into using tear gas which they eventually did. so what you see is smoke and fires and police finally using tear gas to hold them back. but they keep throwing rocks at the cops. and so far we've seen a lot of restrain from these officers, they keep throwing a lot of rocks at them, but so far we haven't seen any use of live ammunition, so far just trying to make sure that they are protected. but it gets increasingly difficult to do so when so many people from so many corners are throwing rocks at them, throwing pieces of shoes and everything that they can get. they have lit a couple fires on the street. this is one of the tactics the demonstrators are using to try to block the road from people
1:49 am
accessing it. but officers have instructionses to make sure that the roads are usable because the government says that they did not get any notice about these demonstrations from the opposition and they will not allow them to take place. but we've driven around the city and it is mostly deserted, that is something that the government is trying to avoid. but inevitable that it is happening here. these began as cost of living protests that devolved in to full-on and it i gti-governments where they feel that the cost of living is just so expensive. but that eventually comes into something like this. so many young people on the streets, some younger than 18, probably 13, 14, just battling the cops here. and i think you are about to see one of them using tear gas as they move forward to try to pull them back in their homes, but this will run until night fall and the opposition promised three days of protests. so we'll see tomorrow and the day after more of this.
1:50 am
>> certainly looks like a precarious situation, let's hope it doesn't turn more violent in the days to come. larry madowo, appreciate your reporting. stay safe. all right. police in las vegas are taking new steps to solve the murder of due pack dtupac shakur. ♪ue pack tupac shakur. ♪e pack tupac shakur. ♪pack tupac shakur. ♪ack tupac shakur. ♪ck tupac shakur. ♪k tupac shakur. ♪tupac shakur. ♪ >> and police confirmed to cnn that they executed a search warrant on tuesday in connection with the ongoing connection into his murder. the search warrant was served in henderson, neve nevada. he was shot multiple times in a drive-by attack while leaving a boxing match on the las vegas strip. this has been one of the most
1:51 am
well-known unsolved killings in the music industry in the years since. still to come, taco tuesday becomes free-fall. while the trade hmark phrase is available to use after a legal battle. in the spa-like bathroom. ( ♪ ) or enjoy local craft beerers with breatathtaking views at the cambria. book direct at choicicehotels.c.
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welcome back. time for stories in the spotlight. taco john's is dropping its legal battle against taco bell over use of the phrase taco tuesday. the smaller chain owns the trademark, but taco bell says it should be available for anyone to use. taco john's will donate $40,000 to a nonprofit supporting children of restaurant employees. and burger king is banning employees from wearing masks in some states unless they receive a medical note from a doctor. the company says that the new policy is about customer servic smiles and facial features. local laws prevent the policy from going into effect in oregon
1:56 am
and california. rachel zeigler actor says she wants to be left out of nonsense called discourse surrounding her role. some internet users have questioned why an actress of latin descent is playing a character celebrated as having skin as white as snow. an australian man has recounted the remarkable tale of his rescue after spending two months at sea. he and his dog set off for a fishing expedition but weeks in to their voyage, their small catamaran was damaged in a storm. he was in poor health but managed to survive by collecting rainwater and eating raw fish. they spent their days waiting and hoping for rescue which
1:57 am
miraculously came last week thanks to the crew of a few in a vessel. here is what he had to say once back on land. >> look, to the captain and this fishing company that saved my life, i'm just so grateful. i'm alive. and i really didn't think that i'd make it, you know. so thank you. thank you so much. >> remarkable. and that does it for this edition of "cnn newsroom." stay tuned for "early start" next. he
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